10-year-old Bellevue pupil publishes book written during lockdown


10-year-old Bellevue pupil publishes book written during lockdown


A 10-year-old pupil at Elmhurst School for Boys, part of the Bellevue family, has published his first book, a project he began during the UK’s lockdown period earlier this year. 

Lyam Mosnier, in year 6, has written A Guide to Discord.js: How to make your Discord better with bots, a book offering guidance on use of the website Discord.js.org.

The website is a module to be used in conjunction with Discord JPI, a bot-based online messaging platform which many of the school’s pupils use to communicate with each other outside of school.

Whilst at home during the period of school closure this year, Lyam took the time to research and write his book, as well as exploring how to sell it online. The book is now available to buy on Amazon.co.uk.

Lyam comments: ‘About two months ago, I thought of writing a book on Discord.js. Discord.js is an amazing library built on JavaScript that allows you to make a chatbot. My own bot, Raven, was built using Discord.js and using it I have written over 2000 lines of JavaScript so far.

‘It took me some time to actually get started on the book; I needed to get an Amazon account, I needed to plan the book out, I needed to research discord.js even further, but now, I have released the book.’

Lyam is a keen member of Elmhurst’s Microgeeks, an afterschool club for those with an interest in science and technology. He also excels in maths and science in the classroom and has a very advanced subject knowledge.

In addition to his published book, Lyam has showcased another of his creations: a Raspberry Pi which can detect levels of pollution in the air outside, and send out alerts if the pollution is too high.

Headteacher of Elmhurst School for Boys, Tony Padfield, adds: ‘Although for many of us the period of lockdown was challenging, Lyam used it as an opportunity. Lyam is a very gifted scientist and an ICT whizz, and he often impresses staff and students alike with his incredible subject knowledge.

‘I am proud that Lyam has been able to use his learning in school to create something for the benefit of others. He is a fine example of how Elmhurst boys are using innovation to excel.’

A Guide to Discord.js: How to make your Discord better with bots can be purchased here.