Our approach


Collaboration underpins everything we do. Bringing our students together on multi-school learning days and inter-school tournaments; bringing our staff together for shared training and curriculum development; bringing schools and families together to make parents integral partners in their children’s learning. Together, we share success and innovation, and ensure the very best learning experience.


Opportunity is everywhere in our schools. Pupils flourish on innovation in the classroom and breadth of experiences outside of it; teachers thrive with unrivalled training and networking opportunities; and schools grow by being liberated from bureaucracy, receiving exceptional governance and support, yet retaining their autonomy and individuality.


We are committed to facilitating learning for our pupils that is personalised and purposeful, developing life-shaping skills, values and attitudes. But learning isn’t just for our students: we strive to help parents learn, giving them real insight into the progress of their children, and developing their understanding of education processes. Our staff are always learning, absorbing new methods of teaching and are encouraged to explore and innovate.