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What we do

Over twenty years ago, Bellevue Education was founded with a vision to educate to the highest standards, with an absolute commitment to a ‘whole’ education that encourages a curiosity and love of learning. This passion for breadth and depth of education still infuses Bellevue, which has become a world-class group of 19 schools providing the highest possible education to children and students aged from 1-19 years.

The group is led by a committed and passionate team of educators, who work closely together to embed new innovations, whilst ensuring that each school is supported and responsive to its environment and community. All of our Education Directors – and our CEO – are former Headteachers, with a wealth of insight and expertise into providing the very best educational experience for pupils across our schools. 

Bellevue teachers enjoy regular training, feedback, collaboration and teamwork – a system that enabled Bellevue to roll out world-class online teaching within days of the UK’s lockdown in spring 2020. This became a benchmark for schools around the globe. Teachers and leaders across the group meet regularly to share ideas and innovations, all grounded in the same commitment to delivering the best possible education: one that is full and round and inspires children to love learning. 

Each Bellevue school is run independently, and we believe this is reflected in our mission to treat every pupil as individual too, with their own unique set of talents. Our schools offer an education that is broad as well as deep, and our teachers combine the best tradition with the latest innovations that ensures that every lesson excites and engages. Bellevue schools are warm, happy and dynamic environments where students are encouraged to aim high, and where they will find everything they need to succeed. 

We recruit exceptional staff and make sure that they are fully supported – our training programmes and shared best practice opportunities are unrivalled. We also know how important it is to involve parents in their child’s education, which is why we prioritise parent communication. 

We firmly believe that exceptional academic results for our pupils is the natural outcome of Bellevue’s focus on instilling a lifelong love of learning. We are passionate about what we do, and we take great pride in helping to shape futures and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

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