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Prep schools

Bellevue works with 16 prep schools around the country, catering for children up to the age of 11 or 13. Each school marries innovation with tradition, but each has its own personality although all share the Bellevue commitment to an outstanding education for all pupils.

Bellevue Prep Schools educate approaching 2500 pupils across the country

Prep School Leavers achieve highly in 11+ and 13+ exams to a range of Senior Schools

“A huge thank you – we have been thrilled by the outstanding and quick response the school has made to address these difficult times. We realise how hard you must be working and that other schools are not getting close to what you are offering.”

“My teacher is lovely. She always helps me and gives me tips to work things out on my own. She plans exciting projects and teaches them in a fun way.”

Our prep schools

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