#BellevueHeroes: Chris Walker at Skippers Hill


#BellevueHeroes: Chris Walker at Skippers Hill


The first in our #BellevueHeroes series, Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School’s Chris Walker is an unsung hero of the school.

Chris is the Site Manager at the school – all 24 acres of it – as well as the listed and thatched 300-year-old manor that forms the main part of the school.

In addition to looking after the school, Chris makes sure he looks out for the children, in particular working with Molly in Year 8 once a week to teach her practical skills. Two years ago, Molly embarked on this practical dimension to her curriculum as an alternative to French lessons.

‘It’s fun because you get to use tools you might never use,’ Molly says. ‘It’s a good skill to learn.’

Watch our video below to see Chris and Molly in action.