Bellevue pupils come together in digital competition wins


Bellevue pupils come together in digital competition wins


Pupils from Bellevue Education schools across the country have triumphed in a competition created by the Group on its ethos, ‘Together We Can’.

In September, pupils across the Bellevue Education Group were invited to use their digital skills to explain what ‘Together We Can’ means to them. They were encouraged to collaborate with up to two other pupils on their projects.

Head of Digital Development for Bellevue Education, Adam Atkinson, was astounded by the entries.

“We wanted to celebrate how fantastically well our pupils coped with learning in a virtual environment this year,” Mr Atkinson comments. “As Bellevue’s motto is ‘Together We Can’, we decided that a good way to showcase this learning was by creating a competition which allowed our pupils to show what ‘Together We Can’ meant to them.

“We were amazed at the variety and creativity that we saw from the pupils in our schools. By showcasing entries, we share good practice, celebrate outstanding work and continue to build our knowledge base within the group. ‘Together We Can’ continue to learn and build our expertise with the use of technology in our classrooms and schools.”

Prizes were awarded for entries at Gateway School, Buckinghamshire, which receives a special mention due to its high volume and calibre of pupil entries; The Hampshire School, Chelsea; Holmwood House School, Essex; Edenhurst Preparatory School, Staffordshire; and Farlington School, West Sussex, from which the two overall winners, Key Stage four pupils Jess and Megan, were awarded.

All winners were awarded Amazon vouchers, with Jess and Megan also earning themselves a programmable Lego chess set. The pair collaborated on a music video, with Jess writing the music, lyrics and performing the vocals for their song entitled ‘Together We Can’; and Megan creating and editing together animations to illustrate the words.

Crucially, the pupils collaborated internationally with charity Brass for Africa, inviting trumpeters from the charity to perform and record a musical interlude.

Jess comments: “Even though we’re miles and miles apart from Brass for Africa, as the song says, we really are connected, especially in times like this. We think the two elements – the digital video art, and the music – really brought us together.

“We were so pleased [when we won]. We didn’t suspect anything, so it was a big surprise.”

Megan added: “Being able to help people that do need it, to help them to live better and be happy… it means a lot.”

Jess and Megan’s award-winning video and fundraising page for Brass for Africa can be seen below and here.

Watch our video of the successful competition entries and interviews with pupils here.