The Oratory Prep School rated ‘excellent’ in ISI Inspection 2021


The Oratory Prep School rated ‘excellent’ in ISI Inspection 2021


Ops Isi 2021

The Oratory Prep School in Goring Heath has been awarded ‘Excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for the personal development and academic achievement of its pupils, reinforcing its reputation for outstanding teaching and pastoral care. 

Since the school’s last inspection in 2017 the Framework has been updated and the bar significantly raised. According to the report, pupils have “outstanding levels of self confidence” and “attitudes to learning”. Furthermore, inspectors found that pupils “take initiative, facilitated by their outstanding information and communication technology skills which they use extremely effectively to support and enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum”. 

The Headmaster, Rob Stewart said, “I am thrilled that the Inspectors have given such high praise to every aspect of school life and the hallmarks of an OPS education from the children’s academic success to leading healthy and safe lives. 

The Inspectors described pupils as having an “outstanding understanding of right and wrong, strong personal morality” and a “respect for diversity in their community”.

They were impressed with pupils’ “exceptional levels of physical activity and attitudes towards physical and mental health” with “excellent sporting attainment and skills.”

The Report recognised the high standard of academic achievement describing pupils as having “outstanding study skills and higher-order thinking for their age” and a “high proportion of children achieving entry to their first-choice selective senior schools with many gaining scholarships  in sport, academic and creative subjects”. Over 80 scholarships and exhibitions have been awarded to Year 8 pupils in the past five years.

Mr Stewart said: “We offer a diverse,  stimulating and challenging curriculum with subjects interconnected and an emphasis on skills-based learning for life. The Inspectors description of our pupils being ‘excellent decision makers with outstanding communication skills’, and ‘outstanding collaborators with the ability to work exceptionally well with each other to achieve common goals’ is indicative of our approach to education”. 

Mark Malley, CEO of Bellevue Education said: “The excellent results achieved are a testament to the commitment and dedication shown by staff on a daily basis. It is reflective of the school’s strong commitment to pastoral care, well-being and providing a well-rounded education for every child. As we look to the future, I know  that Mr Stewart and his team will continue to develop and enhance the pupil experience through delivering a progressive and forward thinking curriculum, anchored in the school’s history and tradition – ensuring that the school continues to be a truly happy and inspiring place to learn for all its pupils.”

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