National Poetry Day Competition 2022


National Poetry Day Competition 2022


To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October, we have been running a Bellevue Wide Poetry Competition, which aligns with this year’s important theme of The Environment. We received over 400 entries to the competition, in addition to 50 group entries, meaning over 500 of our pupils participated from 17 of our 19 UK schools. Entries included performance, animation, art, sculpture and written responses of both original and existing poems.

The judging was carried out by a group of volunteers who are English and Drama Leads across the Bellevue group and after much, deliberation, we are pleased to announce that we have winners and runners up for each Key stage.

Thank you to all of the children, parents and staff who supported our competition #TogetherWeCan 

Overall Winner: 
KS3: Marla from Skippers Hill – Dreamer

The winning entries:
EYFS: Boys from Elmhurst School (Alessio, Elijah, Isaiah, Noah) – Nature is Beautiful
KS1: Ethan from Brabyns: Save our Planet
KS2: Girls from Norfolk House (Elli, Siyaana, Lilja, Daniya) – Nature has a Dark Side
KS3: Marla from Skippers Hill – Dreamer
KS4/5: Aavani from Ealing Independent College – Oh my Sallow Tree

The Runners up:
EYFS: Skippers Reception class – Earth is our Home
KS1: Maria, Norfolk House School, Year 2 – It’s only one world
Annabel, Brabyns Prep School, Year 2 – The Environment
KS2: Catherine, OPS, Year 4
Elmhurst, Year 5 – Time is Ticking
KS3: Molly, Skippers Hill, Year 8 – Time is Running Out
KS4/5: Ghazi and Emmaline, Farlington, Year 10 – The Predators