Holmwood House School is Rated ‘Excellent’ by Inspectors


Holmwood House School is Rated ‘Excellent’ by Inspectors


Holmwood House School, in Lexden, Colchester received the highest possible rating of ‘Excellent’ in every category for the academic achievement and personal development of its pupils, in a report after a recent inspection by Independent Schools Inspectorate. 

Inspectors found that “the school very successfully fulfils its aim for pupils to reach their true potential and achieve personal success.”  and found many examples of “the school successfully achieving its aims to spark curiosity and ignite wonder in each child.”

The report highly praises all aspects of teaching and learning and the outcomes achieved by pupils:

  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.
  • Pupils’ communication skills are exceptional. 
  • Pupils develop very high levels of  knowledge, skills and understanding as they move through the school
  • Children in the EYFS demonstrate excellent levels of knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning.
  • The rapid progress made by the younger pupils of all ability and need is a consequence of detailed planning.
  • All pupils have excellent attitudes to their learning.
  • Pupils are confident inter-disciplinary thinkers.

Head, Edward Bond, said “The Holmwood children shone and were amazing ambassadors for their school throughout the inspection. To have both areas of the report graded ‘excellent’ is fantastic, and testament to the high quality teaching and opportunities at Holmwood. Academic rigour goes alongside sparking wonder, and to have it affirmed that our pupils develop very high levels of  knowledge, skills and understanding as they move through the school is fantastic. Alongside this academic strength the inspectors were clearly impressed with the confidence, thinking and exceptional communication of our pupils.’

The report also found that the School thrives not just in academic areas:

  • All pupils participate successfully and enthusiastically in the wide range of sporting activities that the high quality of grounds and facilities allow.
  • Regular drama and musical productions, and the standards achieved are excellent, and occasionally exceptional.

Holmwood was particularly praised for pupils’ personal development:

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.
  • Collaboration, support and caring for others are strongly woven into the fabric of the school ethos.
  • Pupils are encouraged to persevere and solve problems from an early age and enjoy the challenge of thinking creatively and independently.
  • The development of strong decision making is inherent in the ethos of the school. In line with its aim, pupils are capable of independent and reasoned thought.

The report went on: “The school very successfully fulfils its aim to develop individuality, confidence and tenacity so that pupils are prepared for life.”

The report was put together after a rigorous four day visit by inspectors who watched lessons and interviewed pupils, staff and governors. Parents filled in questionnaires and inspectors also sampled co-curricular activities as well as academic lessons. You can read the full report here.

Gregg Davies, Education Director at Bellevue says: “I am absolutely delighted with this excellent report, it is the culmination of much hard work by the staff and children and is well deserved.  It reflects the school’s strong commitment to individual academic success, combined with excellent support for personal development.  The “rapid progress made by the younger pupils” and the “high levels of  knowledge, skills and understanding as they move through the school” means that this is the perfect time for the school to expand their provision up to the age of 16. This is one more exciting initiative which I am convinced will make Holmwood House the best independent school in the area”