Hero Careers

Our approach


Our schools are recognised as genuine learning communities, encouraging pupils, staff and parents to learn at every given opportunity.

We want our children to not only love learning, but to develop into curious, lifelong learners. We underpin learning through commonly established principles across all of our schools of Challenge, Ownership, Dialogue and Engagement. These have been developed for and with our teachers, so that we can ensure that our pupils’ experiences are of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on selecting ambitious and talented teaching staff who have a natural ability to encourage curiosity, who take risks to make learning exciting and who invite challenge from pupils. We want our pupils to question, debate and be critical thinkers, and we believe this is best developed by teachers who see themselves as learners too – who research, evaluate, rethink and refine in order to constantly improve.

In the classroom, we continuously look for innovative approaches to building efficacy through everything that we do. We integrate the latest video technology into everyday practice, enabling our teachers to capture the impact of their teaching on the learning, self-reflect afterwards and share with others for professional and collaborative dialogue.  All of our schools are well-resourced with Chromebooks, ensuring an interactive experience, and our use of apps such as Kami and Jamboard enable our pupils to annotate on screen and collaborate with each other.

Learning is not something that just happens within the classroom environment. All of our schools offer a holistic experience that enables our pupils to thrive in all aspects of their development; our pastoral and wider curricular offering ensures that our pupils grow intellectually, morally and socially.


Our schools can take advantage of countless opportunities to collaborate.

Not only does our supportive Education team of former Headteachers and senior leaders visit our schools regularly, but we develop relationships between our teachers through cross-school training and activities, subject meetings, discussions and forums, creating an encouraging, inspiring network of educators.

Additionally, our School Learning Review practice is a unique opportunity of peer review, where the focus is on teachers and leaders from across the group who visit each other – observing classroom practice and engaging in professional coaching dialogue. This is embraced by schools and teachers from every school, every year.

We are proud to provide Collaborative Learning Days to enhance our offering. These give pupils a unique opportunity to meet like-minded, talented children from across the group, to work together on exciting, immersive, enquiry-based STEAM projects. In this way, children lead their own learning, thinking critically and creatively to produce a final piece to share with their peers. We have offered journalism, engineering, computing and cross-disciplinary learning opportunities, with expert external speakers providing inspiring masterclasses and talks as part of this.


Our schools are independent learning environments, broadly following the national curriculum but with the freedom to expand and develop creatively within this, offering limitless opportunities to pupils.

We firmly believe that success is a by-product of a great education and our schools ensure that children have the best opportunity to thrive, exploring subjects for which they have a genuine passion, whilst also being given the chance to be curious about new subjects.

Building on our schools’ expansive extra-curricular activities, we keep the Bellevue family connected by hosting collaborative activity days. These include annual sports activities, such as rugby tournaments and Olympic sports days, as well as collaborative concerts where schools showcase their talents across the arts and have the opportunity to come together to perform one piece of music. We inspire creativity with competitions, such as film-making, photography, poetry and art, as well as performing arts and debating, giving pupils even more chances to make their voices heard.

Through the exemplary knowledge of our Education team, our staff receive outstanding continuing professional development opportunities too. Our leadership training programme coaches teachers to progress to headship roles, with Emerging Leader, Middle Leader and Senior Leader stages. We spot, nurture and develop our talented teachers to encourage them to progress to more senior roles within their schools and across the group.