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Surval Montreux is an exceptional international boarding school, exclusively for girls aged 12 to 19 years, in  a spectacular and unique setting in a beautiful corner of Switzerland. Through its bespoke and internationally recognised study programmes, built around a foundation of championing social enterprise, forging global perspectives and celebrating language and culture, the school equips girls with the courage, curiosity, honesty and openness to prepare for their tomorrow. At Surval, girls are offered the opportunity to love learning, to develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually, and to become leaders with a genuine sense of social responsibility.

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Welcome to Surval Montreux, a unique school, where we live as a one big family under the one roof of our beautiful house situated high above the shores of Lake Geneva. Our location is aspirational and inspirational with both lake and mountains outward-reaching, crystal fresh alpine air – here is the most extraordinary environment offering girls an experience they will not get anywhere else.

We offer personalised, tailored curriculum breadth with internationally recognised American High School Programme, IGCSE and A Levels. Our emphasis is on languages, business, charity and preparing girls for their life beyond school, not just university.

Our curriculum allows space for the additional experiences which make a difference. We balance academic achievement and fulfilment with developing each individual as a person – space is given to allow girls to understand themselves and their world, acquiring skills needed to present themselves and land the best university, job, future.

We welcome girls to join us for their full secondary school career, for a year, for a Winter Term to make the most of our enviable setting and snow sports, or Surval Summer Camp for Swiss fun in the sun!

There is no ‘typical Surval girl’  – every girl joins us prepared for a call to adventure,  prepared to cross cultural thresholds to Switzerland and Surval, prepared to fall and pick themselves up and prepared to really get to know themselves – willing to meet and overcome their needs and limitations.

Patricia Woodhouse, Principal


We are committed to emboldening our girls with the confidence, tenacity, and resilience to find their own path and success in life, through a modern and forward-thinking bespoke education built around a foundation of championing social enterprise, forging global perspectives, and celebrating language and culture, lived out in our everyday life.