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Surval Montreux is an exceptional international boarding school, exclusively for girls aged 12 to 19 years, in  a spectacular and unique setting in a beautiful corner of Switzerland. Through its bespoke and internationally recognised study programmes, built around a foundation of championing social enterprise, forging global perspectives and celebrating language and culture, the school equips girls with the courage, curiosity, honesty and openness to prepare for their tomorrow. At Surval, girls are offered the opportunity to love learning, to develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually, and to become leaders with a genuine sense of social responsibility.

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Head's welcome

It is a privilege to be Principal of Surval Montreux. This special place is much more than a school and provides a true home away from home for the girls during their time with us.

I believe Surval offers a truly inspirational environment where girls are nurtured and challenged in equal measure to develop their unique set of strengths and interests and empowered to shape their future pathways with confidence.  Strong academics are undoubtedly important, but they are not enough if we are to equip our students to go on to personal fulfilment and success in tomorrow’s world. Self-awareness, an open and resilient mindset, global competence, adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning and exploration, will all be important in facing the unknown challenges of the future.  In an all-girls environment, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and to own their voice.  It is through living out Surval’s values – Courage, Curiosity, Openness and Honesty – that girls are set up to make the most of life’s adventures and to have a positive impact on the world about them.

Our personalised approach to teaching and learning and flexible curriculum pathways, combined with our enviable enrichment programme, covering sporting, creative, academic and travel pursuits,  ensure an experience at Surval is truly transformational and provides girls with lifelong memories, friendships, skills and interests.  I hope you will get an insight from our website into the breadth of opportunities available at Surval through which, with highly individualised support and guidance, your daughter will flourish. However, a place such as Surval needs to be experienced to truly understand its ethos and impact. Please do get in touch and we would be delighted to set up a visit, in person or virtually.

Warmest regards,

Ms Nicola L Dudley


We are committed to emboldening our girls with the confidence, tenacity, and resilience to find their own path and success in life, through a modern and forward-thinking bespoke education built around a foundation of championing social enterprise, forging global perspectives, and celebrating language and culture, lived out in our everyday life.