Out with the old…

I’m sure, like me, you’re thrilled to have schools open.

These past few months must have felt like a pretty hard slog. Creating curriculum content, which has inevitably been more nuanced than the regular lesson plans, has been time consuming. Having to flex the content to take into account different ability levels – and also the varying ways in which children have been accessing the online provision – has been mind-blowingly complex.

And then there’s been the small matter of actually delivering the lessons. I’ve watched a fair few online lessons and I can’t believe how well you’ve done. Lessons were truly excellent; engaging, thoughtful, well-pitched and sympathetic to the pupils watching on a screen. You’ve done all of this whilst sitting on your own and staring into a screen. It must have been exhausting.

Now we’re in the new – and also challenging – world of Covid-19 bubbles and sticking cotton buds down our throats. However, we’re back and that feels great. Schools are simply buildings without our pupils. It’s nice to have noise and bustle. Excitement and laughter. My sense is that things will become easier over the weeks and months ahead.

It has been lovely to read your school’s newsletters and watch the many videos you’ve put together (a mixture of fun and creativity, and always informative). I know a lot has been said following the parent surveys this year, but wow! It must have felt incredibly rewarding to hear the feedback and it’s richly deserved.

I couldn’t be prouder of your determination, accomplishments and professionalism.

Thank you from me and the Bellevue team.

– Mark Malley, CEO