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Taxation policy


Bellevue Education Group is a UK affiliate of GEMS Education Group. The tax strategy outlined is published in compliance with paragraph 22(2) of Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016 and applies to the UK affiliates of GEMS Education Group (the “Group”).

Our approach towards tax matters is underpinned by the following principles:

Risk management and governance

We are committed to fulfilling our tax obligations while delivering sustainable and efficient delivery of our key business objectives. We focus on ensuring that we have a risk management process in place which enables us to meet our tax obligations. Our tax function identifies and reports on tax risks and is managed and updated in accordance with the Group’s overall risk management processes.

Approach towards tax affairs

We engage in efficient tax structuring that supports our business and reflects commercial and economic activity in the region. We consider tax outcomes when deliberating on commercially motivated transactions in the jurisdictions where we operate and undertake tax structuring opportunities that align with the Group’s commercial objectives. We consider relevant tax incentives and reliefs that may be available. As part of our tax management procedures, management approves the approach towards tax matters before a transaction takes place.

Accepted levels of risk

Where there is uncertainty as to the correct treatment of an item under the relevant tax law we take relevant steps to resolve the matter and file returns based on the position which is more likely than not to be correct. We do not take tax positions that are not defensible. Assistance from external advisors is sought as and when required. We evaluate, monitor and manage tax risks to ensure compliance with relevant tax regulations.

Relationships with tax authorities

We ensure that all required data is shared with HMRC in a compliant and co-operative manner. Our objective is to develop a relationship with HMRC that is transparent, constructive and collaborative.