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Elmhurst School is an independent day school for boys aged three to eleven located in South Croydon, London. Its mission is to develop well rounded individuals who learn to question, analyse and appreciate the world around them. Their dynamic and creative curriculum allows every boy to develop his own unique strengths and interests. The school’s nurturing yet purposeful learning environment means that boys develop not only their mental and physical abilities, but also appreciate the value of good manners, honesty and consideration for others.

Day school for boys

“My son loves attending Elmhurst School
for Boys. It’s a delight to watch him get
ready early every morning with a great big
smile on his face.”


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Head Tony Padfield

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Elmhurst School for Boys identifies, nurtures and celebrates the talents of each and every boy, in an inspiring environment which blends innovation with tradition and successfully equips boys with the skills they need to excel in the 21st Century.

We achieve this by:

  • Encouraging boys to aim high by offering a learning environment in which remarkable results are the by-product of an exceptional education, rather than the exclusive focus
  • Ensuring excellence within each and every aspect of a broad and stimulating curriculum, delivered in innovative ways that excite and engage the boys
  • Teaching to the highest possible standard, encouraging the boys to try their very best
  • Working hand-in-hand with boys and parents to nurture strong and productive relations within a family atmosphere
  • Encouraging the boys to open their eyes to the endless possibilities offered by the world
  • Successfully developing the boys’ independence and social responsibility ahead of when they move onto the challenges and opportunities at secondary school
  • Putting the boys at the heart of everything the school does; ensuring they are happy, busy, fulfilled and make excellent progress

We are very proud of our academic results, with boys obtaining scholarships and places at notable Independent and Grammar Schools.

Tony Padfield, Headmaster